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The problem: to market by Instagram / Twitter, you need to use the top hashtags or hashtags used by influencers in that same moment. Hashlighter can scrape the top hashtags from influencers pages or people you follow.

Hashlighter can scrape the full list of all followers of Twitter personas what allows you to market directly to those followers in your niche market!

Hashlighter is working on all platforms: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Google search, CNN,... you just name it - it will work on it.

Hashlighter has automatic pilot which you can turn off at any time. You can control the settings and if to scrape all hashtags or just the top 40.

No need for an activation code: you pay and get an immediate account access.

Hashlighter will improve your Social Media Marketing (SMM) effort, it highlights hashtags on your screen as you browse, scrapes and exports leading hashtags, scrape social media followers from influencers pages, scrape the top 40 hashtags from all pages, automatic pilot of hashtags scraper and much more

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How It Works

Improve your social media marketing

Hashtags are a critical tool for digital marketing people: if you do SEO, SMM, SMO, SEM - you use hashtags, and if you use #hashtags, you want to use them better. Hashlighter is a smart Chrome Extension that saves you time and effort - just choose "automatic pilot" and it will scrape hashtags from infulencers pages! Choose "@" in your settings tab and you can scrape the Top Instagram Influencers followers! Export results to a file or copy them directly to Instagram / Twitter posts.

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Your free account includes:
* Highlight all #hashtags
* Highlight all @tags
* Your set the highlight color
* Can turn on/off with one click
* No hassles, improves productivity

Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to our help pages for detailed help

How will hashtags appear on my screen?

The same way as always, just highlighted with a colour to your choice. You could turn the highlighting option off and on to your wish by using the "settings" option, and withput the need to remove the extention.

Is it trully free?

Yes. We don't ask for any payment, and we don't ask for any credit card information. All functionality included in the extension you download, and registration is just a one click Facebook login button.

Which highlighting colors can I choose?

You can use yellow (default), green and red. Just change them on the "settings" page.

Which details of mine do you keep?

We keep just your membership details: your name, your email and license expiry date. We don't ask for anything else.

Can I turn off the highlighting without removing the extension?

Yes. Just goto "settings" and click the "off" button. Once you want to turn highlighting back on, just goto "settings" and click the "on" button

Are you planning to sell my details?

Nope! Hashlighter is not doing any use of your details, except for the licensing purpose. That's why we are no interested in your address, job or hobbies.

Can I scrape followers?

Yes. Please press the Hashlighter button and choose the "@" options, this will highlight the @at-tags and scrape them.

I had an account, but my credential won't work - what to do?

Maybe you changed your Facebook login? You could also use the username and password that are displayed in the "settings" tab (write them down!) and if still you have issues, please contact us through our blog.

Can I turn Automatic Pilot off?

Yes. You can choose toe scrape as you browse, in the background, or turn off scraping completely.

Do you send emails periodically?

Yes, We may send you some upgrade notices and offers from time to time, but not so often, but we comply with all rules, we would never spam you and always let you OPT OUT or set your preferences.

Please use our support blog if you have additional questions

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